2019 Event - The Original Conwy Pirate Festival 2020

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2019 Event

If 'e came to the 2019 event ye'll be knowing what a great time we 'ad! What wid all them cannon and fancy militia trying to spoil our bit 'o fun! We certain gave 'em a good run around.
 The ole Vilma she came a sailin' in wi' her cannon blazing an Johnny redcoat he was firng back at her from quayside. Little did they know we'd dropped a party o' likely lads off, just down the river an 'ey caught them redcoat gunners off guard and we soon showed 'em the way 'ome!
We 'ad all sorts of stuff to do, (we were still a bit merry, we'd 'ad a fine knees up wi' some ale the night before at the local tavern!)!
There wer' barrel races an keg races, there wer' plenty of music and singing o' shanties from the Port Sunlight Sea Dogs. Aye, there wer' even a troop o' them belly dancers. Set up in tents, merchants were selling tasty morsels an' swords an' guns an' roast meats an' all sorts o' gew gaws, you could even get yer fortune told! We even 'ad the ship's surgeon on call in case we needed to remove a leg!There were plenty of entertainments for the little pirates too; we even let some of 'em have a close look at our ship. T'was even a mermaid so I'm told!
Truth be told, them lads from the militia wern't too bad really, once they'd been put in their place an' we'd given them their mayor and castle custodian back after we'd had our bit o' ransom! We'd done the deal and we left 'em in peace for the rest of the day!
Couple o' our lads fell to fighting with swords but nobody saw much blood and it ended in an amicable settlement.
Oh, did I say, lots of our lads and their fancy turned up to lend a hand and have a bit o' fun. We encountered members of the bretheren from all round the coasts, many travelling hundreds o' nautical miles to be there.
But that was in 2019, before the damn pestilance , and we've all but forgotten how good it was!
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