Whats happening in 2020 - The Original Conwy Pirate Festival 2020

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Whats happening in 2020

Well, I suppose yer going to want to know what we've got for 'e in 2020?
Well I can't be giving away all our little secrets just yet, ye wouldn't want the militia to know what we's planning would 'e! However I will tell 'e some of what we've already got figured out but keep it to yourself.
For a start the 2020 festival will be a bit bigger, wi' more pirates but unfortunately word has already slipped out about this so we's expecting more members of the militia regiments to turn up wi' even more cannon!
Hopefully our friends, the Port Sunlight Sea Dogs should be on board again to get the halyards hauled and capstans turned wi' more shanties!
The one bit o' real news I can tell 'e (strictly in confidence of course) is that Tom Mason and the Blue Bucaneers will be making an appearance. If ye aint a pirate, yer probably don't know who he is; if ye are a pirate yer don't need telling! This is probably the world's best known, and possibly, best pirate musician. Usually performing in America, he has visited the Conwy Pirate Festival twice before. We are incredibly lucky to have managed to have persuaded him to come and perform for a third time.
As I said, it looks like the militia will be turning up in strength but we've a couple of cards up our sleeves to give 'em a little surprise. We had a few "extra" hands on deck this year and they aquitted themselves excellently. I'm told they enjoyed themselves, and they might well be back, and bring a few more  heavily armed "likely" lads with them!
Well you want to know what else we'll be a doing in 2020? There'll be all the usual entertainments; a great Pirate party with Black Heron at the Blue Bell Tavern featuring the Wee Bag Band, keg and barrel races on the quay, a more "piraty" Smugglers Market, some great pirate amusements to keep the little pirates happy and much much more; but I'm not telling ye any more, at least not just yet! Don;t want the militia knowing too much, does we?
If 'e be wanting to know a wee bit more about what's 'appening in 2020 keep a weather eye on this 'ere "website"! We'll tells yer all about it when we can!
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