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Conwy Pirates more?

Conwy Pirate Festival Trader
As well as the nautical mayhem the Smuggler's Market will be on the quayside. Several shady traders from the town will have set up their stalls in an attempt to prise the pieces of eight from us poor pirates pockets and maybe to purvey interesting items to the lucky browser. If ye aint cast up at Conwy before, ye will be pleased to find the town has many unusual small traders, taverns, pie shops and coffee houses. There also be some curious old buildings which many folk find very interesting ( but it's the hostelries what us pirates like best arrghh)!

In the meantime, on the quay, unwilling volunteers will be walking the plank for charity! Those fine fellows, The Pirate Bretheren will also have their pirate camp in the vicinity and will be eager to show off their weapons and nautical knick knacks etc! A wee tip to ye! A good way to see the events, the quay, the castle and river is from one of the two river cruise boats which run a regular and reasonable service from the jetty.
firing cannon at Conwy Pirate Festival
Funny thing! Them honest sailor folk from Conwy River Cruises must ave heard what I been saying about em! They's offering to do you good people a great deal over the Conwy Pirate Festival weekend. They's offering a special twenty minute mini cruise around the harbour so ye can see what's going on and see the town and castle from a seafarer's point of view. Best bit is they be doing it all at a special rate of £4.00 a head and just £2.00 a head if ye be just a little pirate. If ye be a very little pirate; under three, ye can go for free with yer folks!
Rolling the barrels at Conwy Pirate Festival
A great favourite with spectators is the barrel races along the quay! Two volunteers are required to push a large barrel from one end of the quay to the other as fast as they can. Several heats are run and the barrels are not often very co-operative regarding the direction in which they roll. Volunteers are also required for the keg race. This is more predictable, a small barrel has to be carried along the same course as quickly as possible. The overall winners recieve a suitable liquid reward for their prowess!
Do ye fancy being part of the fun? Get into the spirit of the occasion (doesn't have to be rum but it be better if it is!) and dress up for the day!
It be a fine jest and there will be prizes for the best dressed pirate, wench and little pirate. Look how happy this guy is and he didn't win! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
The contest this year will be judged on the day and prizes will be presented mid afternoon on the day! We will certainly look forward to welcoming all our old pirate
re-enactor friends again!
Happy customer at Conwy Pirate Festival
Conwy Pirate Festival morris dancers
On ye quay and around the town on Saturday you will encounter our good shipmates, the Morris Dancing group Clerical Error performing their elaborate and highly entertaining pirate themed dances. The group is colourful and lively; the bucaneers of Morris dancing. Watch out for their dragon dancer; usually wearing a dragon on her back!
We also be told there be another group of dancing pirates on the horizon led by bold pirate called Cinti; keep a weather eye out of these scallywags, we aint seen em afore!
The sea be a strange place and wonderous place; sailors (and pirates!) hear tell of many weird and peculiar things. There be sea monsters and giant squids but some of the strangest tales tell of the mermaids. Mermaids, we are told, dislike the turbulence of propellers and so now the days of sail are past, mermaids are very seldom seen. Conwy has long established historical legends of mermaids and we hear that there have been several recent local sightings. If ye keep a weather eye open ye might even see one for yourselves!
Vilma in the narrows at Conwy Pirate Festival
There will be other activities for all ye crew throughout the day such as pirate story telling (told by a pirate wench), a crabbing competition on the quay for the young un's and their families and no doubt some suitable nautical tunes! A little bird tells me that Captain Jack (Aye, that one!) is organising a cunning pirate treasure hunt around the town! Should ye happen to miss the action on Saturday we'll do it all again on Sunday; those pesky piratical pirates will certainly try to return again!

Dancing bones at Conwy Pirate Festival
Title for tips at Conwy Pirate Festival webpage
Conwy Pirate Festival Jolly Roger

This is a free event; there are no admission charges to see any of the action!
If you enjoy the event there will be a bucket collection available to help fund next year's event; the proceeds will be split with the R.N.L.I.; even pirates need help sometimes!
Remember, whilst we like pirates and cannon, doggies generally aren't so keen, so be please be considerate and try and keep them away from the quay areas when the cannons are being fired!

If you are coming to town by car there are a number of pay and display public car parks.
   The largest is the long stay Morfa Bach car park; if you drive into Conwy over the bridge turn left just past the castle. There is a pedestrian underpass into the town centre from this car park. There are three further smaller short stay car parks; Vicarage Gardens, Market Place and Mount Pleasant. These are either within the walls of the town or adjacent to the walls. These tend to fill up very early on during events. There is also another long stay car park at Bodlondeb Council offices. This is just outside the town on the Bangor Road, from here it is a short and very pleasant walk directly to the town's quay.
   The railway station is close to the town centre and there are regular bus services from neighbouring towns to Conwy town centre. There is also a regular "hop on, hop off" tour/shuttle bus to and from the neighbouring resort town of Llandudno.
   The town can get busy at times and it is usually a good idea to carry a little extra cash with you as the limited cash machines in the town can empty quickly during events.
Small logo Conwy Pirate Festival
Conwy Pirate Festival skelly
Mice in Conwy Pirate Festival Logo
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