Good Advice - The Original Conwy Pirate Festival 2020

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Good Advice

" A Nod's as Good as a Wink to a Blind Seahorse!"
If e' be coming to Conwy to get a squint at all the Pirate action, be ye aware that highwaymen might be trying to stop ye getting there.
It be rumoured they may be closing off the bridge over the river wiv blockades and maybe some form of coloured lights.
Don't be despaired now, it aint no problem, when coming down the coast by the main road (A55), don't e' take the junction numbered "18", that way lies the highwaymen! Ye has to take the junction numbered "17" an drive into Conwy the smugglers way ~ just follow the road signs into Conwy!
'Ere be a translation by ye boss for em oo don' speak pirate!!!!
"To translate for those of you who may not understand the above - there are major road works coming into Conwy over the bridge. Leave the A55 at Junction 17 and follow the signs. If you are coming from Llandudno head for the A55 and then travel to junction 17 don't try and come to Conwy through Deganwy."
If ye be coming to see the pirates be most sure to get there early. There be plenty to do all day but the best bit (I finks!) wiv the sailing ships battle an' cannon an' all that starts at 10.30 of a morning on Saturday an' 11.15 on Sunday.
It be a trifle early for pirates suffering after the night before but it be dictated by the tide!
There will be several cannon on the quay; it's a good idea not to bring pets and very young children onto the quay when the guns are being fired as they are extremely loud!
I be told there still be a few tickets left for the Old Time Sailors concert on Saturday evening. If yer a bit quick there's still a chance ye might get a couple. Very unlikely there be any left at the time of the event! Check out the OTS ticket page above if ye be wanting a great evening out with Captain Nick and his incredibly talented crew... .  .
The Pirate Festival is a free event; there are no admission charges to see any of the action during the day! If you enjoy the event please make a donation in one of the collectors buckets; it hopefully helps us pay for next year's event.

If you are coming to town by car there are a number of pay and display public car parks.
The largest is the long stay Morfa Bach car park; if you drive into Conwy turn left at the roundabout by the castle. There is a short pedestrian underpass into the town from this car park. There are three further smaller short stay car parks; Vicarage Gardens, Market Place and Mount Pleasant. These are either within the walls of the town or adjacent to the walls. These tend to fill up early during events. There is also another long stay car park at Bodlondeb Council offices. This is just outside the town on the Bangor Road, from here it's a short and very pleasant walk to the old quay.
The railway station is very close to the town centre and there are regular bus services from neighbouring towns to Conwy town centre. There is also a regular "hop on, hop off" tour/shuttle bus to and from the neighbouring resort town of Llandudno albeit subject to some delays caused by the present roadworks on the bridge.
 The town can get busy at times during events and it is usually a good idea to carry a little extra cash with you as the limited cash machines in the town can be emptied very quickly.

Remember, whilst we like pirates and cannon, doggies gernerally aren't so keen so be please be considerate and try and keep them away from the quay areas when the cannons are being fired!
A massive thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers, helpers and everybody else who made the event possible.
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