Conwy Pirates what's on? - The Original Conwy Pirate Festival 2018

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Conwy Pirate Festival is in Conwy
Conwy Pirate Festival look who's back
Yes! The 2018 event is now over! Yes, we had proper pirates; lots of  'em! Yes, we had several cannons (and muskets and blunderbus)! Yes, we had a real sailing ship and much, much,  more! Yes, we all had a great time! We're going to do it all again next year ~ and by 2019 we'll have a chance to make things even more exciting!
Corrie at Conwy Pirate Festival
Conwy Pirate Festival original logo
Paul Bann at Conwy Pirate Festival
Avast there me hearties! The olde crew is back in charge, arrgghhh!
We cast off with a fine Pirate shindig at the Blue Bell tavern on Castle Street on the evening of Friday June the 15th. Dig out yer pirate gear and come ye along and meet some of the crew! Ye can listen to some fine live music from The Wee Bag Band. We'll even give ye free priority entry to all ye landlubbers suitably attired! Better get there early though, gets busy when the pirates are ashore!
Fingers at Conwy Pirate Festival
I be letting you into a little secret, this ere tavern be the official pirate headquarters! The ale's good, the rum's better, but be warned shipmates, the landlady stands no cussing or fighting as she has to keep an orderly house to fool the preventatives see! No thieving here either, wouldn't want to get ye fingers burned!
Best dressed pirate at Conwy Pirate Festival
Oh! And before you ask,
YES! We've really got a real ship!
YES! We've got proper pirates!
YES! We've got several cannon!
YES! You can have a great time!
The town be a perfect berth for the event having the old stone quay complete with a fine period tavern from the days of sail    (I do believe they still supply rum)!  
Overlooking the old quay (and within cannon range lads!) is the great brooding medieval Conwy Castle.
There will be lots for all ye family and little un's to do and see.  Course pirates have to attack the quay when the tide's right, don't wish to run aground or strand do we!
Saturday and Sunday will see action with our Pirate sailing cutter the "Vilma" and our crew of bloodthirsty cut-throat pirates sailing in and attacking the quay! Arrgghh!
Best Animations at Conwy Pirate Festival
Conwy Pirate Festival broadside
Dave Farrar at Conwy Pirate Festival
Well lads, how about this fine fellow ere! Aint he just a picture of a pirate! The One Eyed, God Blighted, Black Souled Villain Davy Sharkeye!
Could ye look a better pirate? The Captain's offering a goodly flagon of  best Jamaican rum for the best dressed pirate on both days! Don't ye let Davy win it!
Later after a fierce fire fight with cannon and musket between the "Vilma" and the forces holding the quay,  the "Vilma" will cast up at the quayside; with a bit of luck there may even be a last desperate hand to hand struggle on the quayside as they attempt landing. There be then be a fine opportunity to see the vessel up close and learn a little something about the lives of us poor pirates and sailors from the days of sail.
Conwy Pirate Festival ship in bottle
Conwy Pirate Festival twiddle
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