OTS Tickets - The Original Conwy Pirate Festival 2020

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OTS Tickets

If ye be af'er a special treat we got one for 'e!
The Old Time Sailors will be playing tunes about the quay and town during the day but we've managed to persuade 'em to put on a really special  sort o' full concert in our temporary tavern on the quay, but only on the Saturday evening. This will be sort o' exclusive wiv vitalls and ev'ry fing! Yer won't be let in wivout a ticket and they be very limited. If yer want to join in ye'll need to buy a ticket. The tickets cost £31.50 but that be for a full evenin's entertainment and includes yer vitalls. The tickets be available from the Knight Shop or the Jester's Tower coffee house (great cakes!) in Conwy town.
Yer can also buy yer tickets on line, just click on the picture above and we being good pirates will take yer money!
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