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First of all yer must find yer way down to the old quayside; that's where the action happens. From the junction of Castle Street and High Street (it be told the stocks stood 'ere) take the short hill known as Lower Gate Street through the ancient arch in the town walls onto the quay. There should be a tavern on yer port side.
Steer to starboard for a few fathoms;                'ERE BE PIRATES!
The Smugglers Market can usually be found 'ere; aye, this be because this be where the pirates usually make their camp. They picks this spot 'cause they can keep a close weather eye on their ship; this being the best spot for mooring up if they gain the quay successfully. Unfortunately for the pirates this also be a favourite spot for the local militia to gather.There has been a long history of skirmishes in this area. We gather there might be a substantial increase in the number of militia stationed here after previous raids have overwhelmed the castle garrison in the past.
There be many fearsome and shady pirates to be oft seen here, not least the dreaded mutineer Dave Sharkeye and a crew of cut-throats. There be talk in the streets that the mutinous dog with a pirate crew be coming to the town to attack the castle. No doubt the militia will have heard the rumours 'bout the pirates and they may well have other ideas and give 'em a warm welcome they won't be expecting!
Mark me, this be a great place to view the action and get a chance to see the pirates. There should be some fine pirate swag available from the Smugglers Market and plenty of opportunity to try yer hand at a few nautical amusements. The notorious barrel races also take place along the quay here with some smugglers demonstrating their skills at handling barrels and kegs. There be some good prizes to be won, so if you feel lucky yer can volunteer and take part should yer wish! The quay is also a tremendous place to get yerself some really cool photographs with lots of colourful opportunities with the pirates especially if you come dressed in pirate finery.
There will be cannon on the quay; it's a good idea not to bring pets and very young children onto the quay when the guns are being fired!
PIRATES ? Well there should be lots of them! As there is a fine bounty for the best and finest dressed member of the brotherhood of the coast you can expect to see some of the most sinister and extravagantly attired pirates in the land. Why not come dressed up and join in the fun? Just cast a glance at a few of the shipshape lads and saucy wenches who wandered the quay in 2018 when the black fleet visited the town!
  Arrgh! Although we be pirates we must apologise for pirating some of the photos off Facebook!
     The walled town of Conwy on the Conwy River ~ where could be better for a pirate festival?
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