Conwy Pirates what's on? - The Original Conwy Pirate Festival 2019

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A word in yer shelllikes shipmates; it be true, them no-good pirates be coming to Conwy again, and this time they'll be more piratey than ever!
A black pirate cutter has already put to sea and she be cruising the Caribeen, picking up neer-do-wells, murderous cut-throats, maroons and other treacherous dogs from the cursed smoky taverns of Port Royal, Tortuga and the Bahamee islands ~
and they be coming to Conwy!
Best put on your tidyest pirate finery on, come along and join in; they might not notice who you really are then!
Word has it they be arriving on the eve of Friday the 31st of May and be meeting at the Blue Bell Tavern for carousing, drinking and wenching. The rumour is the landlady; known to the pirates as the Black Heron, be in league with 'em and gives 'em free passage to her tavern and that a band of scoundrels known as the Wee Bag Band will be making some fancy music in the bar! If ye wants a gander at them ye better get there early as there'll probably be a whole crew of bretheren of the coast washed up there. I'm told there'll be a few pirate oportunities for some of 'em new fangled photiagraphy gadgets there as well.

When the pirate ship is in the estuary it be told that the Smugglers Market soon appears; selling all sorts of piratical items, fancies and gew-gaws. There  be enteetanements there an all, as well as strange an peculiar sights from around the seven seas; yer might even see a mermaid!! Need yer fortune told or perhaps ye fancy a game of chance or challenge, you never know, ye may well be in luck. Perhaps yers fancying a bite to eat, how about a serving of fresh roast pork or possibly succulent sausage and not a weevily ships biscuit in sight! If them pyrates has had a sucessful voyage they might even let you cast an eye over their ship but beware, they're probably up to no good!

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